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Qualities Needed For Success In Life – Lord Rama Advices Vibhishana

This is a famous passage from the Ramcharitmanas of Sant Tulsidas. Bhagavan Sri Ram here advices Vibhishana regarding the qualities needed for success in life.

The advice is explained in the form of a chariot which is needed for victory.

The chariot symbol of Sant Tulsidas is very famous with the readers of Ramayana – Ramcharitmanas.

The scene is when Vibhishana asks Lord Ram to fight Ravana by riding on a chariot:

Bhagavan Sri Ram says:

Bring a chariot if it is obligatory for victory.
  • That chariot should have wheels of valor and patience
  • Strong flag and buntings of truth and good conduct
  • Horses of strength, wisdom, self-control and goodness.
  • Link rope of pardon, kindness and equality
  • A wise charioteer of God’s recitation
  • A field of renunciation,
  • Sword of satisfaction
  • An axe of charity, 
  • Deadly power of intelligence.
  • A hardened bow of the best knowledge;
  • A quiver like a pure and decisive mind;
  • Several arrows of self-control and morality
  • Impenetrable armor of Brahman worship
There is no other way of victory. Success in life is only possible when we achieve the above said characteristics.