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About Yoga Narasimha Form – Yoga Narasimha Idol Explains Divine Origin of Yoga

One of the most popular idols (murti) of Narasimha Avatar of Vishnu is from the Chola period and is called Yoga Narasimha. This form is also one of the rare peaceful murti forms of Narasimha. This murti also explains the divine origin of Yoga.

This Narasimha murthy has his front arms relaxed in meditation, his rear arms bearing the chakra and conch and around his tautly crossed legs is a yogapatta or yoga strap. The yogapatta or yoga strap is widely used today by those practising Yoga.

Yoga Narasimha Idol Explains Divine Origin of Yoga

It is believed that in the Yoga Narasimha form, Vishnu taught his ardent devotee Prahlada some yogic exercises. It is believed that those who worships the Yoga Narasimha would secure mental peace and tranquillity. This form of Narasimha is also referred as Yogananda.