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Akshamala in Hinduism – Rosary in Hindu Religion

Akshamala is the rosary in Hindu religion. In Hinduism, it is usually made of seeds of plants especially of Rudraksh or Tulsi. Akshamala is used for keeping track of the number of a prayer is chanted. Usually a prayer is chanted 51 or 108 or 1000 times.

Worshippers of Shiva use Akshamala made using Rudraksha. Worshippers of Vishnu use rosary made of Tulsi seeds (Basil plant seeds).

Akshamalas are also be made of coral, clay, plastic crystal, or other gems. These types of Akshamala are considered inferior by some worshippers.

Tantric practitioners use various other types of Akshamalas. One of the common used rosaries is that of skulls carved into coral, ivory or clay.

Akshamala is usually made of 51 or 108 beads.

Akshamala is also found in the hand of many Hindu deities. They are also part of Murtis and Sculptures of Hindu Gods.