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Nine Puranams in Tamil - Nine Puranas With History of Ancient Tamil World

In Tamil Puranams means history or account of ancient incidents. In Sanskrit, there are eighteen Mahapuranas and twenty nine upapuranas. These were composed by Sage Veda Vyasa. Similarly, there are Nine Puranams in Tamil which are famous and contains accounts of divine incidents happen in the ancient Tamil world. The Nine Puranams are:
  1. Kandapuranam
  2. Periyapuranam
  3. Thiruvilaiyadalpuranam
  4. Koilpuranam
  5. Sethupuranam
  6. Sikalathipuranam
  7. Kanchipuranam
  8. Thanigaipuranam
  9. Kurralapuranam.

The most popular among these nine are Kandapuranam, Periyapuranam and Thiruvilaiyadalpuranam.

Kandapuranam was composed by Kachiappa Sivachariar and it deals with the emergence and exploits of Lord Kandan (also known as Skanda, Subrahmanian or Muruga).

Periapuranam was composed by Sekkizhar and it recounts the lives, divinity, devotion and miracles of sixty three individual saints and the qualities of the groups of saints.

Thiruvilaiyadalpuranam was first written by Perumparrappuliyur Nambi and later by Paranjothi Munivar. The book contains the miracles of Shiva in 3 cantos comprising of 64 padalams and 3363 stanzas.

Notes taken from the forward section of the book titled Lord Shiva’s Miracles (Madurai Thiruvilaiyadal) by Dr. P. Gopalan.