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Thayumanavar – Lord Shiva Took The Form Of Mother – Story of Thayumanavar Form of Shiva

Thayumanavar Temple is located near Trichy in Tamil Nadu and the story of this form of Shiva is associated with Him coming to the aid of a pregnant woman in the form of her mother.

An ardent female devotee of Shiva lived on the banks of River Kaveri. She used to offer daily prayers to Shiva on a nearby temple atop a hillock.

She was pregnant and the delivery time was nearby when heavy rains flooded the river. This prevented her mother who was on the other bank of river from attending on the woman’s delivery.

The delivery time neared and the woman was in intense labor pain. There was no one to help her. She pleaded Lord Shiva atop the hill to come to her aid.

Suddenly, her mother arrived, did the delivery and went away.

As the rain subsided, the actual mother of the woman came and apologized for not making it on time.

Then only did the woman realize that Lord Shiva himself came in the form of her mother and did the delivery.

The god on the hill temple got the name as Thayumanavar god who also became a mother.