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Story of Rahu and Shiva - How Rahu Became a Navgraha as per Skanda Purana?

The story of Rahu and Shiva is found in the Skanda Purana. Legend has it that once demon chief Jalandhara asked Rahu to carry a message to Shiva. The chief asked Rahu to inform Shiva that he was an incapable husband, as he could not appease Goddess Parvati as he roamed the cremation grounds. So Goddess Parvati should be sent to Jalandhara.

When Rahu said the same before Shiva, he opened his third eye and produced a huge being.

That huge being threw Rahu into the sky. He thus became a navgraha.

This whole incident happened in a place known as Barbara and therefore Rahu is also known as Barabarodhuta.

Symbolic Meaning of The Story

The above story also has a symbolic meaning. There are people who try to take advantage of females, whose family is going through a bad time financially. Such people send emissaries with intention of seeking sexual favors. This is very common in Kali Yuga. It is a warning to such people that they will end nowhere like Rahu neither in heaven nor in hell. Such people will be disowned by his own family and neither will he be accepted into another family. They will roam like Rahu without any family. Life on earth will be bitter than hell for them.

How Rahu Became a Navgraha as per Skanda Purana?

Worship of Shiva To Overcome Graha Doshas

Shiva has control over the Navagrahas. Worshipping Shiva will help in overcoming troubles associated with Navagrahas especially Rahu.

Stories in Hinduism have deep meaning. There are numerous stories of Shiva appearing to save his devotees. One classic example is that of Shiva appearing to rescue his ardent devotee young Markandeya from the clutches of Yama, the Hindu god of death. This is a celebrated incident in our scriptures.

The lesson we should take from it is that Shiva will always come to the rescue of his devotees.

Those people who are facing trouble in life due to the bad positioning of Rahu in the horoscope (Janam Kundli or Jatakam) should offer prayers to Shiva daily.

Unwavering devotion can solve any problem in life.