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Story of Origin of Kusha Grass Involving Bhagvan Sri Ram and Mata Sita

There are numerous stories regarding the origin of Kusha Grass. One interesting story involves Bhagvan Sri Ram and Mata Sita. Legend has it that Mata Sita decided to return to Mother Earth. Earth opened up to receive her daughter. Sita entered into the opening.

Bhagvan Sri Ram attempted to pull her back. However, He could only grab a few strands of hair of Mata Sita. The hair of Mata Sita took the form of Kusha grass.

Some of the other stories associated with the origin of the Kusha Grass claim that it was born from Brahma and Vishnu.

Another story indicates that demon Jayanta who carried away the pot of elixir (Amrita) after Samudra Manthan kept it in four places and Kusha Grass grew in the places where the pot was kept.

Kusha Grass garlands are widely offered to Ganesha in South India.

Today Kusha grass is widely used in medicines meant to cure indigestion and other stomach ailments.

Seat made of Kusha Grass is used by Vedic pundits.