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Goddess Masani Amman – Story and History of Goddess Masani Amman

Goddess Masani Amman is a popular deity worshipped in certain regions in South India. Story and history of Goddess Masani Amman is one of repression. Legend has it that during the Sangam Era, a cruel ruler named Nannan ruled over Anaimalai which was then known as Nannanur.

The ruler had large mango plantation and had appointed guards to protect them. He had proclaimed that he would kill any person who trespassed into the mango plantation.

A young woman was once bathing in the River Aliyar and happened to see a mango floating in the water. She grabbed it. This was noticed by the guards who took her into custody and produced before the king.

The father of the young girl offered to give the king a golden mango. But the king did not relent. The father then offered an image made of gold equal to the weight of her daughter by way of compensation together with 81 elephants. This also was not acceptable to the ruler.

The king ordered her to be beheaded.

People of the region who came to know about the incident took up arms against the king and killed him.

The body of the young woman was buried. An image of her was made and people started worshipping it every Thursday and Friday. Soon a temple was built for the women, commemorating her martyrdom and she came to be known as Goddess Masani Amman.

Goddess Masani Amman temple is located at Anaimalai near Pollachi in Tamil Nadu.

The deity worshipped in the temple is seen in lying posture measuring 15 ft from head to foot.