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Mankameshwar Mandir – Shiva Temple at Daliganj in Lucknow

Mankameshwar Mandir, at Daliganj in Lucknow, is located on the banks of the Gomti River. This Shiva Temple was constructed by Lakshman of Ramayana during the Treta Yuga. Legend has it that Lakshman had no peace of mind after abandoning Mata Sita in the forest. Sri Ram had asked Lakshman to leave Sita in the forest after some people in Ayodhya doubted her chastity. To get peace of mind Lakshman established the mandir and did penance here.

Another legend has it that Mateyndranath, disciple of Gorakhnath, advised King Hiranya Dhanu to build the temple. The king had approached the great yogi for a solution to win battles. And the solution was to build a Shiva Temple.

The original temple is said to have had 23 golden domes. The temple was ruined and was later built by a South Indian Shaiva Saint. The present structure was built during the 19th century.

The Shivling worshipped in the temple is south facing.

Santoshi Ma, Dattatreya, Nandi, Kartikeya, Ganesha, Maa Parvati and Radha Krishna are worshipped in the temple.

Mankameshwar Mandir also had the fortune of having the first woman Mahant or Priest in 2008.