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Why do Hindus offer grass garlands to Lord Ganesha?

The grass garlands that devotees offer to Ganesha are made of Durva Grass. Durva Grass is also known as Darba, Dhub, Haritali and Arugam Pullu. It is famous for its medicinal properties. Hindus offer the grass garlands as a mark of respect, for desire fulfilment and also for thanking Ganesha for fulfilling their wishes.

The story behind offering grass garlands offered to Ganesha:

Legend says that a demon named Anala had gained several boons through years of penance. He had even got the boon of immortality. Anala was also the son of Yama, the Hindu god of death.

People could no longer tolerate the destructive activities of the demon. Therefore, saints, humans and Devas approached Ganesh for a solution. He promised to help them.

But there was no way to annihilate Anala, so Ganesh simply had to eat him alive. Now this divine act caused numerous problems like heaviness and indigestion. To get relief from this constant problem, Ganesha eats Durva Grass.

Devotees therefore provide Durva grass to Ganesha in the form of offerings.

Today Durva grass is widely used in medicines meant to cure indigestion and other stomach ailments.