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Kerala Hindu Temple Mural Paintings Now on Saris and Dresses

Mural Paintings are unique aspects of Hindu Temples in Kerala. Murals in Kerala are note for the profusion of line drawings and their distinctive coloring. Now saris and dresses adorned with Mural paintings are in great demand.
The Hindu reports 
Not just saris, but flower pots, pen holders, kurtas, photo frames, file folders and jewellery, adorned with Kerala murals are in great demand globally. 
The bright colours and intricate designs make them eye-catching, and they have woven their way to the fashion circuit quite effortlessly.
“I had a hard time explaining to a woman in Bangalore that Kerala murals had a history of centuries and they used to decorate temple walls. She was not ready to believe that what she was wearing was a poor imitation of a great art form that requires years of dedicated effort and talent to master,” said Sasi Edavarad, a noted mural artist, known for his venture ‘Dhyanasankalpam,’ which is on a mission to reclaim public spaces for mural paintings. 
“A perfect mural painting takes months to complete and cannot be sold for anything less than Rs.8,000, though there aren’t many buyers. But in the case of saris, the work is completed in a couple of days as the customer does not expect the kind of detailing required on a canvas-based work. A sari with a good work on the pallu fetches around Rs.3,000 and is in great demand,” said Seena Vijayan, a sari mural artist who has completed four years of training in the art form.