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Book – Saktapramodah – 19th century Book on Tantric Goddesses Republished

Saktapramodah was published in 1860 by Raja Deva Nandan Singh and contains the correct practices for worshipping Tantric Goddesses. Now this 19th century book has been republished with a 100-page introduction by Madhu Khanna, professor of Indic religion and Sanskrit scholar.
The Indian Express reports 
After the British invasion, the practice of goddess worship was mostly lost and many were resorting to fraudulent means. So Raja Deva Nandan Singh, an aristocratic zamindar of Muzaffarpur, Bihar, compiled the correct practices of worship of goddesses and brought out the book Saktapramodah in the 19th century (1860). “What I have done is, I have edited and revised the text in Sanskrit and also added a 100-page introduction in the book. Now, it is bilingual,” says Madhu.
She says that in the 15th and 16th centuries, the worship of goddesses was an anti caste tradition — outside the vedic mainstream. “Like Mathangi who is associated with impure substances and Umavathi, a widow. It was a tradition that formed a new social base and was born out of struggle. It widened the base of worship,” she says.
Publisher: D.K. Print World Ltd
Pages – 838