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How Kuber Became The King Of Yakshas And Kinnaras?

Kubera, the treasurer of Gods, is also the king of Yakshas and Kinnaras. He was the elder brother of Ravana – the demon King in the Ramayana. Here is story as to how Kuber became the lord of Yakshas and Kinnaras.

Sage Vaishravana had three sons – Kubera, Ravana and Vibhishana. Kubera was the king of Lanka. But he was defeated by Ravana. The demon king also took away all the wealth of Kubera including the aerial vehicle, Pushpaka Vimana.

The displaced king roamed around the world and years later he reached Kashi. Here he offered prayers to Shiva for several years.

Shiva always helped those whom the world shuns. Kubera was short, with a big potbelly and had only one eye. The world was not kind to him but Shiva was.

Shiva gave him several boons and made him the treasurer of wealth of gods. He asked Kubera to go and live in the city of Alakapuri in the Himalayas.

He then made kubera the king of Yakshas and Kinnaras.

Yakshas and Kinnaras are semi diving beings in Hinduism.