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Yajnavaraha Form of Vishnu – Yajna Varaha Murti

Yajnavaraha is an important murti form of the Varaha or Boar Avatar of Bhagvan Srihari Vishnu. The Yajnavaraha form is white in complexion with four arms. The unique aspect of this murti form is that both Bhudevi and Lakshmi Devi are found on the left and right side of Varaha murti.

Yajnavaraha is always depicted as sitting on a simhasana - throne.

The murti has four hands and holds Sankha and Chakra.

The right leg of the murti hangs down and the left leg rests on the throne.

The murti is always adorned with yellow garments and various ornaments.

Goddess Lakshmi sits on the right side and she has golden yellow color. Her right leg hangs down and the left leg rests on the throne. Her one hand rests on the throne and the other carries a lotus.

Goddess Bhudevi sits on the left side and she has a dark complexion. Her right leg rests on the throne and the left leg hands down. Her right hand holds a nilotpala flower (blue lotus). The right hand rests on the throne. The face of the goddess is slightly turned towards the Yajnavaraha murti.

This murti form is very rare.

SourceElements of Hindu Iconography Volume one Part I