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Bhakti Vighneshwara Form of Ganesha

Bhakti Vighneshwara is one of the 32 forms of Ganesha. This is a calm and serene form of Ganapati. It is believed that praying to Bhakti Vighneshwara helps in controlling temper. Bhakti Vigneshwara mantra is:

Nalikeramarakadali guda payasa dharinam!
Sharat chandrabha vapusham bhaje bhakta ganadipam.

In murti form, Bhakti Vighneshwara is depicted has having white color. He has four hands – holding coconut, mango, lump of sugar and pot of sweet – payasam.

Offering prayers to Bhakti Vighneshwara is ideal for keeping mind calm. It is also believed that this form of Ganesha protects devotees from dangers.

In most of the regions this form of Ganapati is referred as Bhakta Ganapati. But there lump of sugar is replaced by flowers in one of the hands of Ganesha.