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Gopeshwar Mandir near Chamoli – Rudranath or Gopinath Temple in Uttarakhand

Gopeshwar Mandir, also known as Rudranath or Gopinath Temple, is an important Shiva shrine and is located at Chamoli on the ancient routine between Badrinath and Kedarnath. The temple was built by Katyuri dynasty between ninth and eleventh century. The temple is around 10 km from Chamoli on the way to Ukhimath.

Legend has it that Rati, wife of Kamdev, meditated here after her husband was burned into ashes by Shiva. Pleased with the devotion of Rati, Shiva appeared before her at Gopeshwar and gave her the boon that Kamdev will reappear. Some religious scholars believe Shiva reduced Kamdev to ashes at Gopeshwar.

Another legend has it that a trident of Parashuram was broken into three parts to calm him when he was annihilating Kshatriyas. A part of the trident can be found in the temple.

The main square sanctum sanctorum enshrines a swayambhu Shivling named as Gopinath. Nandi and Shiva Parviar can be found in this main sanctum.

The temple complex has murtis of Ganesha, Hanuman, Vishnu, Brahma and Anasuya Mata. The inside complex of the small shrine houses murtis of Garuda, Ma Kali and Ma Saraswati. On the walls of the temple one can find murtis of Bhairava and Narayana.

There is a Kalpa Vriksha tree in the temple complex which is very old and it never sheds its leaves during autumn.

There are also numerous Shivlings placed in the outer courtyard of the temple.

During Shravan month Jalabhishek is an important ritual here. The most important festival in the temple is the Mahashivratri.