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Shiva Teachings To Sati

Some of the important teachings in Sanatana Dharma were revealed through the dialogue between Shiva and Sati. Here are some of the teachings that Shiva imparted to Goddess Sati.

O Goddess Sati, listen carefully for I shall give you that knowledge that shall free all souls in bondage. O goddess, known that the supreme knowledge consists in experiencing the great truth, - I am Brahman – Aham Brahmasmi.

In a perfect intellect, nothing else is remembered. This sort of consciousness is very rare in the world. But, O beloved, remember that I myself am the Supreme Brahman, as is Vishnu. Devotion to him or me is the easiest method of attaining salvation.

Supreme devotion is the same as supreme knowledge and is easier to practice.

One who is engrossed in devotion enjoys perpetual bliss.

Devotion has the power to attract me as nothing else can.

True devotee believes that whatever I bestow on him is for his good.

True devotee dedicates everything to me and keeps nothing for himself.

Source - Shiva - stories and teachings from the Shiva Mahapurana by Vanamali