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Sarada Ashram at Ulundurpet in Tamil Nadu Grows 150 Varieties of Traditional Paddy and Herbal Plants

Sarada Ashram at Ulundurpet in Tamil Nadu is associated with the Ramakrishna Mission. The Sarada Ashram is dedicated to the upliftment of women. One of the praiseworthy activities of the ashram is agriculture – 150 varieties of paddy and numerous herbal plants are cultivated on the lands belonging to the Sarada Ashram.

The Ashram has also adopted 150 villages.
The Hindu reports
These traditional paddy varieties have unique properties.

For example, Neelachamba and Kuzhiyadichaan help increase lactation in nursing mothers.

Diabetics who take Maapillai Samba are able to reduce their insulin dose.

If you thought that grains that can be harvested quickly are a recent phenomenon, think again. Arubataamkuruvai and Kaattuyaanam can be harvested in 60 and 180 days respectively.

Kalarpaalai can be grown where water is scarce and the soil is bad.

Vaadansamba does well where the soil is good, but water is scarce. Madumuzhangi is for areas prone to flooding.

Hundred and fifty villages have been adopted by the ashram, and seeds are given free of cost to the farmers.
You can learn more about Sarada Ashram at Ulundurpet here – there is opportunity to share your knowledge, donate and volunteer.