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Gahininath Yatra in Aurangabad – Gahininath Gad in Beed District

Gahininath Yatra is annually held in the Shravan Amavasya day in Aurangabad in Maharashtra. Gahininath Gad is the place where the Samadhi of Gahininath Gahininath Maharaj is located and it is in Beed district. Gahininath Yatra 2024 date is September 2.

Gahininath Maharaj was a nath yogi and a disciple of Gorakhnath.

Nivritti elder brother of Sant Dnyaneshwar was a disciple of Gahininath Maharaj.

It is said that Gahininath Maharaj used to live in caves in present day Maharashtra. Nivrutti Maharaj met the pious saint in a cave and he attained self realization.

The annual yatra to the Samadhi of the saint attracts thousands of devotees.

Gahininath Yatra is annually held on Shravan Amavasya, or no moon day in Shravan month as per traditional Hindu lunar calendar in Maharashtra