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Choti Kashi Shiva Mandir at Gola Goraknath – Shiva Temple near Lakhimpur Kheri

The most popular Shiva Temple at Gola Gorakmath, which is around 60 km from Lakhimpur Kheri in Uttar Pradesh, is known as Choti Kashi. The name of the temple itself gives an idea of its importance in the region. The origin of the Gola Goraknath Choti Kashi temple is associated with demon king Ravana of Ramayana.

Story of Choti Kashi Shiva Mandir at Gola Goraknath

Legend has it that Ravana performed intense penance and pleased with his devotion Shiva appeared before him. Ravan asked Shiva to reside in Lanka. Shiva agreed and gave a Shivling which had his presence. But Shiva put the condition that the Shivling should not be kept on the ground.

While returning from Kailash, Ravana had strong urge to urinate and he gave the Shivling to a shepherd to hold it. But when Ravana returned he did not see the shepherd and the Shivling was fixed on the ground.

Ravana tried to remove it but he could not. In the attempt to remove the Shivling, the upper part of the Shivling was damaged by his thumb. This can be still seen on the Shivling worshipped at Gola Goraknath Choti Kashi temple.

Choti Kashi Shiva Mandir

The Shivling is located inside a three feet deep trench. There are murtis of Goddess Parvati and Nandi in the front of the shrine. There are also separate murtis of Hanuman, Goddess Kali, Manokamna Bhairo and Vishnu.

One of the important offering in the temple is bells. These bells can be seen tied on a wall in the temple. There is also a huge and heavy ancient bell in the temple.

In the Shravan month more than 100,000 devotees visit the shrine carrying water from Ganga. Another important month is Chaitra. No moon days and Mondays also attract lot of devotees.

Devotees tie the eyes and do Parikrama in the temple for fulfillment of desires.

The temple was earlier managed by Joona Akhada but now there is separate administration.