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Symbolism in Breaking of Pot During Cremation Ritual in Hinduism

A clay pot is broken during cremation ritual in Hinduism. The pot is taken around the dead who is kept on a pyre and the pot is broken. There is a deep symbolism in breaking of pot.

The pot is filled with water and the person who is the chief mourner or one who lights the pyre takes the pot around the dead. The pot is kept on the left shoulder of the person and he stands facing south and throws the pot backwards, so that it breaks into pieces.

The breaking of the pot is symbolically considered as the breaking of existing relationship between the deceased and the chief mourner – one who lights the pyre.

Such rituals are meant for family and relatives to realize that the body is only a mere vehicle and the soul has dropped the body and begun the journey to the destination.

The water and the pot are also symbol of life. Breaking them is once again suggesting the end of this life and the beginning of another for the deceased.