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Benefits Of Reading Sundara Kanda Of Ramayana

Rishi Valmiki called the fifth chapter of Ramayana Sundara Kanda. It is considered to be the most beautiful chapter in the Ramayana. Here is a look at the benefits of reading the Sundara Kanda of Ramayana.

It can be chanted anytime in the morning or evening according to one's convenience.

Reciting Sundara Kanda can help ward off evils. It removes all the negativity and obstacles from one’s life and bestows the person with happiness and prosperity.

It protects oneself against diseases and ensures good health.

Those who listen to Sundara Kanda will have spiritual advancement. Those who are not married will get married quickly. Issueless couples will be blessed with healthy children. All gods will be pleased and there will protection, peace and prosperity.

At the end of the parayana if you recite this sloka, you get sampoorna phala (complete result):

Yatra yatra Raghunatha Kirtanam
Tatra tatra kritha mastakanjalim
Bhaspavaan paripurna lochanam
Marutim namata rakshasanthakam

Wherever or whenever the praise of Bhagavan Rama is sung, invariably Maruti, the destroyer of demons, appears there with folded hands and bowed head, with tears welling out of his eyes.