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Uthralikavu Temple – Information – History

Uthralikavu Temple is located around two km north of Wadakkanchery on the Kodungallur - Shornur road. The shrine is dedicated to Goddess Rudhira Mahakali and is one of the oldest Bhagavathi Kavu in central Kerala.

The darshanam of Uthralikavu Rudhira Mahakali is towards west.

As per scholars, the temple was earlier known as Rudhiramahakalikavu and Uthralikavu is the shortened form of the original name.

As per local belief, Kelattachan who was an important person on Thalapalli once came to visit his rice field here. It is said that Goddess came out of the olakkuda of Kelattachan and settled in the rice field. Goddess Rudira Mahakali is believed to be the amsha avatar of Mookambika Devi. The suggestion is that Goddess Mookambika Devi came along with Kelattachan on his traditional umbrella when he might have visited the famous Mookambika Devi temple.

The presence of Goddess was noticed when the sickle of a woman who came to cut grass hit an abandoned vigraham and blood oozed out of it.  

The Goddess worshipped at Thiruvanikkavu around 4 km from Uthralikavu is believed to be the sister of Uthralikavu Devi.

The temple is famous for the Uthralikavu Pooram, a 8-day festival, held in the Kumbham month (February – March).