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Bhakti Destroys All Suffering And Gives Constant Bliss

Bhakti is the process of giving a concrete shape to the divinity immanent in all aspects of this universe.

The connecting of what one perceives through the senses with the highest divine principle, which could be seen as the highest reality, is the path of bhakti.

A complete self-abnegation is the goal of bhakti and true bhakti can be achieved only by complete annihilation of the petty ego, the ego that stresses on the individuality of a person.

The discipline of bhakti is practised at three levels: the stage of the aspirant, the stage of the divine mood, and the stage of becoming one with the chosen ideal.

Bhakti is the nectar that destroys all suffering and creates constant bliss.

Bhakti brings spiritual maturity to the aspirant and weakens one’s ego.

Supreme bhakti eschews all desires and the only desire of a bhakta is to be immersed in the thought and essence of God.

Source – Prabuddha Bharata magazine July 2017 page 14