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Three Advices Given By Ravana To Lakshman For A Successful Life

Ravana was waiting for his death after he was mortally wounded by the arrow of Bhagavan Sri Ram. Then, Bhagavan Sri Ram asked Lakshman to approach Ravana and take his advice on leading a successful life.

An arrogant Lakshman first approached Ravana, stood near his head, and demanded that he share his knowledge with the victors, as they will use it for the good of his people. But Ravana did not speak.

Lakshman returned to Bhagavan Sri Ram and informed what had happened.

Bhagavan Sri Ram reprimanded Lakshman by saying that when you to learn something from someone you should always take your place near the feet of the person.

Lakshman then went and stood near the feet of Ravana and asked him to share the wisdom required for leading a successful life.

Ravana then gave three advices:
  • Never delay in doing a good thing. There is no need to look for good time etc. When you have decided to do good works do it immediately.
  • Never underestimate any being in this world. Talk and give respect to all living beings. Underestimating a person will cause your downfall.
  • Never share your life’s secret with anyone. Secrets about life should never be shared.