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Goddess Sri Yamuna – One Of 64 yoginis in Hinduism

Goddess Sri Yamuna is one of the 64 yoginis in Hinduism. The 64 yoginis are holy women with yogic powers or female attendants of Shiva or Durga. They are worshipped as Goddesses in Hindu religion. Yogini Sri Narmada is depicted as standing on an tortoise. Tortoise is associated with creation in Hindu religion. It suggests the importance of being creative and innovative in life as it is needed for success and to overcome problems in worldly life. Worship of 64 yoginis are more common in Tantrism and among Shakteya practitioners.

Goddess Sri Yamuna is worshipped for success in life by being creative and active. We should not be stagnant. We should move towards success patiently and by being innovative and original. Sri Yamuna yogini standing on tortoise means that we should have a vision. We should approach things patiently not hastily.

The word yamuna means ‘prayuvati gachchhati iti va’; the river which flows by mixing the water of other rivers in her own flow. It means we should be ready to accept new thoughts and new knowledge. These new knowledge should make our life flow smooth.

The mantra associated with Goddess Sri Yamuna Yogini is Aim Hreem Yamuna Swaha.

Goddess Sri Yamuna Yogini is offered blue color flowers and white color bhog (food or naivedya). Lamp for her should be lit using mustard oil. Agarbatti should be of natural white color flowers. Offer white color chandan.

The ideal day to propitiate Sri Yamuna Yogini is Sunday.