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Shami Puja on Vijayadasami Day - Importance of Shami Tree Worshipped on Dussehra

Shami Puja is an important ritual held during Vijaya Dashami and Dussehra day. In 2024, the date of Shami Puja is October 12. The rituals and pujas on the day are dedicated to the Shami Tree and is of great importance. Ganesha Purana mentions that those worshipping Shami Tree on Dussehra will be free from sins.

Importance of Shami Tree Worshipped on Dussehra

Story of Worshipping Shami Tree

Legend has it that Shami the daughter of learned sage Aurva was married to Mandar, son of Dhaumya. The newlywed couple once happened to see sage Bhrushundi who bore a trunk on his forehead as a mark of devotion to Ganesha.

On seeing the sage with a trunk, Shami and Mandar could not control their laughter and they started laughing mockingly. An angry Sage Bhrushundi cursed them to become trees.

Upon hearing their children’s misfortune, Sage Dhaumya and Aurva prayed to Ganesh to rescue their Children. Lord Ganesh was not ready to displease his staunch devotee Sage Bhrushundi.

So Ganesh gave the boon that Mandar Tree will be used to worship Lord Shiva and the wood of Shami will be used for sacrificial purposes and would be worshipped on Dasara day.

Shami Tree

Shami Tree (Prosopis Spicigera) found in dry and arid regions at low altitudes in India.

Medicinal Properties of Shami Tree

  • Juice from its leaves is administered to prevent miscarriage and is also used as a beauty enhancer to remove unwanted hair.
  • The bark of Shami Tree is used to treat a range of diseases from asthma, bronchitis, dysentery, leucoderma, leprosy, muscle tremors, to piles.
  • The tree, sacred also to the Bishnoi community, has proven to be a valuable source of food and fodder to local communities.