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Holy Bath In Mandakini River And Kamadgiri Parikrama At Chitrakoot During Diwali

More than a million devotees participate in the annual bathing ritual in Mandakini River and Parikrama of Kamadgiri Mountain at Chitrakoot during Diwali. Chitrakoot in Uttar Pradesh is an important spiritual and religious destination in Hinduism and the place is associated with Bhagavan Sri Ram and Ramayana.

When can one perform the Parikrama?

  • The most important dates of holy dip in a year are Choti Diwali and Diwali.
  • The Parikrama can be performed on all days of the year.
  • During summer season better performed early morning or in the evening.

How long is the Parikrama?

The parikrama is about six kms and is done barefoot by many devotees. The path of parikrama is smooth with tiles placed on the route

Why is Kamadgiri Parikrama Performed?

Kamadgiri means the mountain that fulfills desires.

The parikrama or circumambulation of Kamadgiri Mountain at Chitrakoot after taking holy dip in the Mandakini River helps in desire fulfillment, washing away of sins and opens the door of liberation or moksha.

Holiness of the Place

  • Bhagavan Sri Ram lived for 11.5 years at Chitrakoot during his exile period in Ramayana.
  • Numerous saints and holy persons meditated here.
  • The main temple here is dedicated to Lord Kamtanath – Bhagavan Sri Ram. The Parikrama begins from here.
  • There are a large number of temples and sacred spots in the Parikrama path.
Some of the important spots in the Parikrama are:
  • Bharat Milap Mandir – where Sri Ram and Bharata met. Bharata asked Sri Ram to return back to Ayodhya but it was declined by the elder brother. The meeting between the two brothers are in important episode in the Ramayana.
  • Lakshman Pahadi – Lakshman the younger brother of Sri Ram used to sit here and keep an eye on the surrounding areas when his brother rested. There is a temple and a pillar here. Hugging the pillar is equivalent to hugging Lakshman.
  • Hanuman Dhara – This is the spot where Sri Ram struck an arrow to create a spring to quench the thirst of Hanuman. There is temple of Hanuman here. The spring can be still seen here.
  • Sita Rasoi – Mata Sita cooked food for Lakshman and Sri Ram here during their stay at Chitrakoot.
  • Other religious places include numerous small shrines, temple dedicated to local deity and Valmiki Ashram.