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Pooruruttathi Nakshatra 2022 Predictions Based On Malayalam Nakshatram Kerala Astrology

Pooruruttathi Nakshatra 2022 predictions are based on Malayalam Nakshatram or birth star Kerala astrology. January, February, March, July, September and October 2022 are good months. April, May and December 2022 are bad months. June, August and November 2022 will see both good and bad times.

Pooruruttathi Nakshatra pada 1 born Kumbha Rashi kooru people will see change of luck in job matters in a different city. You will leave your current location. Pooruruttathi Nakshatra pada 2 Kumbha Rashi kooru born people will meet people who will change your outlook on life. You will have new relationships Pooruruttathi Nakshatra pada 3 kooru Kumbha Rashi born will face unexpected financial problems especially due to accident or natural calamities. Pooruruttathi nakshatra pada 4 Meena Rashi kooru born people will decide to give more priority to family. Some of you will be diagnosed with a serious illness.

You will get independence to perform well in career. You will gather new knowledge and share it with colleagues. Those looking for new job will get numerous opportunities. You will take classes to learn new developments in your career. Following truth will help in overcoming many difficulties. Some of you will be forced to give explanation for problems in workplace. Success in exams and interviews.

Financially it is a safe period. You will sell an old vehicle and buy new one. Huge expectations in money related matters would not materialize. Loss due to gambling and stocks. You will implement strict financial discipline in children. Extra income in the family.

You will show renewed vigor. You will drop lethargy and laziness. Unwanted fear of future. Many difficult problems will be solved through mediation and exhaustive talks. You will fulfill the wishes of your parents. Good year for romance related matters. You should not jump into conclusions on hearsay – try to find out the truth. Couples who were staying apart due to job in different locations will get opportunity to stay together. Avoiding anger and adopting sweet talk will help in solving many problems. Some of you will buy a new house and start staying in it. Those looking to have children will be blessed with one.

Business people will implement new ideas. Profit. Expansion plans.

Students will have a good year with admission for higher studies

You will try out new methods of health care. You might face some serious health issues.

Marriage as per desire for some. Remarriage related plans would be successful.

Travels will be successful. Foreign journey will become a reality.