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Self Is Beyond The Understanding Mind And Intellect

Ramana Maharshi has clearly demonstrated through words and his life that Self is beyond the understanding of mind and intellect. 

As a man awakening from a dream no longer sees any of the dream persons, so the one who has awakened from the sleep of ignorance, and who is therefore alone as the sole reality, does not see anyone as other than his own real Self.

Whatever is describable in words or thinkable by the mind is, for that reason alone, finite. Because the real Self is beyond the reach of the mind and the intellect, those who are established in the Self call it ‘the infinite’.

Whatever is said concerning the supreme reality by the sages or by Vedanta has for its purpose only the removal of the mistaken notions of the disciple.

Vedantas indicate the truth of the Self by negating all else (that could be mistakenly believed to be the Self).

Since the Self, shining alone as the sole existing reality, can neither be known nor taught, the teachings of the Guru do nothing for the aspirant except free him of his ignorance.
Ramana Maharshi