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Thriketta Nakshatra 2022 Predictions Based On Malayalam Nakshatram Kerala Astrology

Thriketta Nakshatra 2022 predictions are based on Malayalam Nakshatram or birth star Kerala astrology. February, March, April, June, October and November 2022 are good months. January, July and December 2022 will be bad months. May, August and September 2022 will be both good and bad.

Thriketta Nakshatra pada 1 born Vrischika Rashi kooru people will be blamed for things you had not done. You will see gains in property in this year Thriketta Nakshatra pada 2 Vrischika kooru born people will see change of fortune in money matters with gains from stocks or speculation. Thriketta Nakshatra pada 3 Vrischika Rashi kooru born will make career change and will be successful in freelance jobs. Thriketta nakshatra pada 4 Vrischika kooru born people will decide to change present place of residence.

Job abroad will become a reality. Those looking for new job will be lucky in this year. Unwanted expectations will cause damage to job search and career. Those already having a good career will join a new job. Transfer. Some of you will decide to take a break from career and pursue a hobby or interest.

Construction of new house. Financial gains from an earlier investment. Extra income in the family. Success in business related matters. Fresh ideas will bring profit. Some of you will buy a new home based on modern design. You will get costly gifts. Money will be spent on children’s education. People might attempt to cheat you. Be careful in all financial dealings. Greediness will cause downfall. There is no free money. Trouble as result of standing surety for loan.

Opportunity to travel to distant locations. Travels will be successful.

You will win arguments. Public figures will face scandals. Responsibilities will increase. There will be peace in the family. You will get to eat rare or exotic or tasty foods. Awards from government or organizations. Success in interviews and exams. Opportunity to stay with parents or children. You will take up responsible positions in workplace or society. Important documents will be signed. Harsh driving or using vehicle after taking intoxicating drinks or other such materials will cause serious damage. Trouble with spouse will be settled. Some of you will take up writing of fiction. Children will make you proud. Due to foolishness you might become a victim of mockery or ridicule.

Lack of sleep due to health related issues. You should be careful while handling electrical equipments, chemicals, gas, weapons or fire.

Happy and auspicious occasions in the family like childbirth, centenary, or marriage.

Students will have a good year.

Marriage as per desire for some. Those looking for remarriage will get favorable news.