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Great Things Happen From The Inside

If an egg is broken by an outside force, life ends.
If broken by an inside force, then life begins.
Great things happen from the inside.

A beautiful saying – universal truth – core of Hindu Teaching

I actually wanted to end this post with the above quote as it explains everything but I cannot because short articles are considered thin content by search engines. 

We always complain about problems and obstacles in life. Patience, empathy, earnestness, and single-mind focus can blow away even the biggest problems in life.

Sandgrouse — pointy-tailed relatives of pigeons — live in some of the most parched environments on earth in Africa. To satisfy the thirst of newly hatched chicks, male sandgrouse bring water back to the nest by carrying it in their feathers. They travel nearly 200 kilometers daily to get water for the young ones. They have to overcome the intense heat and predators. Sometimes it is even difficult to find a water hole. But still they succeed in getting water to the young ones.

Why do Sandgrouse birds succeed? They are never distracted by the obstacles. All their efforts and concentration are on their goal. Fear and procrastination have no place in their life. They have kept out all distractions. All their energy are used in achieving the goal.