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Selfless Work For Eternal Happiness - Hindu Teachings

The only way to achieve eternal happiness is through selfless work - Hindu teachings

When one is attached neither to sense-objects nor to actions and has given up all desires, then he is said to be Yogdrudha or to have ascended the Yoga-path. (Gita Chapter VI verse 4)

Works performed with a view to gaining more sense-enjoyment are meant not selfless work. (Swami Madhavananda explains Vivekachudamani)

When selfless work is done, it cleanses the mind of its impurities. As a result of such work, truth flashes by itself. (Swami Madhavananda explains Vivekachudamani)

Neither by rituals, nor progeny, nor by riches, but by renunciation alone some attained immortality. (Brihadaranyaka Upanishad)

For without burning renunciation and desire for freedom, the other practices may be swept off by a strong impulse of desire or some strong blind attachment. (Swami Madhavananda explains Vivekachudamani)

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