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Balussery Kotta Vettakkorumakan Temple - Facts - Festival - History - Breaking Of 12,000 Coconuts

Balussery Kotta Vettakkorumakan temple is located near Balussery in Kozhikode district, Kerala. The temple is dedicated to Vettakkorumakan. The ancient shrine is situated within the ruins of Balussery Kotta (Fort).  

As per local belief, the temple was initially a Bhagavathi temple. It is said that Vettakkorumakan was first worshipped on the wall of the sreekovil. It chaithanyam was later transferred to the peedam in the sreekovil.

The darshanam of Balussery Kotta Vettakkorumakan temple is towards west. Only noon puja (uccha puja) is performed here.

The Upa Devatas worshipped in the temple are Bhagavathi, Ganapathi, Ayyappan and Subrahmanian.

The annual festival in the temple begins with kodiyettam on Dhanu 26. Vettaikaran pattu is held on Dhanu 27. The most important offering in the temple is breaking of 12,000 coconuts – Pantheerayiram thengayeru. The breaking of 12,000 coconuts continuously in a rhythmic motion during the annual festival attracts thousands of devotees. The coconuts are broken to the accompaniment of temple music.

Kalamezhuthu Pattu or Vettakkorumakan pattu is another ritual which is held as part the annual festival. A beautiful painting of God or Goddesses is made using natural colors on the floor. A Brahmin dances over the painted figure to traditional music. The Brahmin enters into a trance and it is believed that the deity appears in him.

Ishwara Seva is held from the last two days of Vrischikam month to Dhanu 10.

As per history, the temple belonged to Kurubranattu king. Later the temple was given in charity to Mulavana Namboothiri. Later it again came under the control of Rama Mangalam Koviladikari of the Kurubranadu swaroopam.

The ceiling and walls of the temple are decorated with mural paintings. The Ananthashayanam of Bhagavan Vishnu is one of the most popular murals at Balussery temple.