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If You Search For Proof Of Rama And Krishna You Will Never Reach Your Destination

We live in a world in which proof, date and time is of great importance. We want to prove that our God lived on earth from this date to that date. A chronological order of events of the God on earth makes it even more effective. However, Hinduism does not believe in dates, Hindu scriptures never mention dates, and some of the authors of these scriptures even do not mention their name. Dates and names are of no use in self-realization. Therefore, if you search for the proof of Rama and Sri Krishna you will be lost in the artificial man made world and you will never reach your destination.

Rama and Sri Krishna is an experience. Bhagavan taking the form of a little child and playing the lap of his mother, doing naughty things, getting punished…such incidents are a direct connect between Bhagavan and devotee. You do not need a proof for it. Every time a devotee discovers this love, a devotee experiences ecstasy. Tears have trickled down from devotees for thousands of years, it continues and it will continue till the end of the cycle of creation.

Rama and Sri Krishna have to be experienced. When you experience it and relate it to a third person, you are sharing truth that you have realized. Such experience makes a person wise, pious and non-violent. Such experience does not need proof. Direct experience is always better than proof.

A devotee does not experience the complete truth at once. He/she goes through several layers before reaching the ultimate truth. At first, he/she is bewildered by the different truths. The person will be bombarded with several different teachings and ideologies. Then he/she locates partial truth; then half-truth. After meandering through all these things, the devotee reaches at the ultimate truth. This is Rama and Krishna. They are not individuals. They are the form that the Supreme Truth takes to converse, teach and guide a devotee to the ultimate destination.