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Birth Of King Prithu - Story - Churning The Body Of Previous King

Prithu was one of greatest emperors of ancient India. Story of the birth of King Prithu is found in the Puranas. In the great lineage of Dhruva, there was a king named Anga. He had a son named Vena, who was cruel and arrogant from childhood. King Anga was distressed with the behavior of his son. He made innumerable efforts to reform his only son. But all his efforts failed and in terrible anguish he left his kingdom.

As there was no ruler, the Saints were compelled to make Vena the next king.

After being made king, Vena’s adharmic activities only increased.

Vena declared himself as god and unleashed a reign of terror.

Fed up with his activities, Vena was killed by his subjects with the help of saints.

As there was no one to take over the kingdom, dacoits and thieves began to loot people. There was utter lawlessness.

The saints thought it was their responsibility to find a ruler.

They then took the body of Vena and churned it while chanting mantras. From it appeared a human couple. The male was a partial incarnation of Vishnu and the female was a partial incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi. They called the male – Prithu.

Prithu then looked after the welfare of his people and spread Dharma.