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What Makes Us Different From Other People Is Our Genuineness

What makes us different from other people is our genuineness. Our authenticity does not depend on schooling, culture, religion, gender or nationality. It is something that is independent of all external factors. It is a direct reflection of the hidden truth in us. This is what makes us unique. But unfortunately we are ignoring our genuineness and we are always imitating or blindly following. We are subduing the enormous imagination and creation within us. To impress others and to make temporary gains we are becoming someone else. We are far removed from the real us. If we want to achieve success in life, stop imitating and stop pretending. Stick to the real us.

What we do today, determines where we will stand tomorrow is an advice we get to hear from many quarters. It is very much true. But what should we be doing no one tells us this. Advisers rarely have solutions. We should be doing that in which we have a genuine interest. A person is a good painter but he goes to college and learns to become an engineer. He will never become a good engineer, as he has no interest in it. He stands in the long queue to get a job. But had he concentrated on painting, other people would have been queuing up to see his painting.

Another piece of advice that we get to hear is that the person who makes the best use of time today gets the best of life in the future. This advice is given to poor students and youngsters. Who are given a false hope that getting good marks means good future? Mugging up and vomiting in exam paper does not brighten our future. Students should make the best us of time in achieving excellence. Success follows the person who excels in his/her field. We all have some or other liking, excel in it and we will get the best of life in future.


A mail from a pious devotee to the above article:
Your articles are quite interesting and appealing. In today article you have mentioned that inherent truth within oneself is most important as it takes every human being to reach to the level of materialistic acquisition and spiritual followings. This is true to certain extent only. A small child after birth will represent their human being of parents in manners, behaviour, habits etc whether good or bad. That is all through blood relationship. But when the child enters an institution ie. school it is Guru who can perfectly distinguish the strengths and weaknesses to make him or her to tread towards the path of practical dharma in a systematic manner. Apart from parents who are most important, schooling, culture, tradition, expertise and learned people in good part of society are also important for over all personality development of a child or elder person. Please don't over look other important parameters that are very much conducive to uphold sanathana  dharma. It is not called as imitating but learning by doing in a progressive and correct manner.