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Three Relationships Between God And The Individual

According to the three schools of Vedanta, there are three relationships between God and the individual.

The dualistic school looks upon man as a soul, and God as the supreme Person, eternally different from man.

According to the qualified monistic school, God is the supreme Person and the repository of all auspicious qualities. Individual souls are parts of God, even as sparks of fire are parts of fire. God is the Soul of souls.

According to the non-dualistic school, the individual and God are identical in their divine essence; nothing exists other than Brahman. Everything else is illusory like a mirage on the deserts, vanishing on the dawn of Knowledge.

Source – Prabuddha Bharata – October 2003 page 14

Similar thoughts for Gurus and Saints

God is within everyone, but man goes out in search of Him. This is what constitutes God's Play and God's Creation. (Anandamayi Ma) (If you wish to read more about the wisdom of Anandamayi Ma you can find it here. )

Individuals may read and recite the scriptures, sacrifice to the gods, perform rituals, worship deities. Still, liberation will not occur, even after hundreds of millions of years, without a personal experience of one’s identity with the Self. (Vivekachudamani)