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Hindu Stories - Greatness Of Unwavering Devotion To A Particular Form Of God

Story of Upamanyu symbolically states that unwavering devotion to a particular form is better than worshipping too many forms. Upamanyu was the only child of a couple who had retired to the forest after having relinquished all earthly desires. The little boy Upamanyu used to play all the day in the forest while his father meditated. He ate forest fruits and slept on the lap of his loving mother.

One day while roaming in the forest, Upamanyu met a traveler who gave him some cow’s milk to drink.

Upamanyu narrated the incident to his mother and asked her to provide cow’s milk from next day.

His mother was unable to procure cow’s milk, and all her efforts to divert his attention did not succeed.

His vexed mother then told him that he would have to perform Tapas to Lord Shiva if wanted to get milk.

The boy then undertook severe penance to have darshan of Shiva.

Shiva soon appeared in the form of Indra and asked him what boon he wanted. But the boy did not want any boon from him as he was not Shiva. To this Indra told the boy that it would take several years for Shiva to give darshan and he should take boon from him.

Upamanyu was adamant that he will only take boon from Shiva.

Shiva in the form of Indra tried numerous methods and gave several reasons to stop his Tapas and to accept the boon from him.

Upamanyu was annoyed with this persistence and threw some ash on Indra.

Shiva then shook of the ash and appeared in this true form.

The boy then asked for milk as boon.

Shiva was happy with the uncompromising determination and unwavering devotion of the boy. Shiva then created an ocean of milk and put it in the control of Upamanyu.

The story narrates the result of unflagging determination.