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Arikkadi Bhagavathi Temple In Kasaragod – Story Of Muslim Ali Of Arikkadi Temple

Arikkadi Bhagavathi temple is located at Kumbala village in Kasaragod district, Kerala. Arikkadi Bhagavathi temple festival is held in Meenam month. The temple is also known as Arikkady Parasthanam Bhagavathy Ali Chamundi temple. The temple belongs to Pandarathil Veedu. The puja is not performed by Brahmins in the temple. Pujas in the temple are performed only in Sankranti day. People belonging to other religions too have entry in the temple.

Ali, a Muslim sorcerer, is an Upa Devata in the temple.

Story Of Muslim Ali Of Arikkadi Temple

It is believed that Ali hid himself near the temple pond and looked while Goddess Bhagavathi was taking bath in the pond. Bhagavathi soon realized this and turned Ali into a stone.

Another legend has it that a group of people were passing through a nearby hill on a hot day. Ali was coming with a jackfruit. The people wanted to buy the jackfruit. Ali loving told them that he will tell the price later; first they should eat the jackfruit.

When the people finished eating, Ali demanded money equal to the thorn on the jackfruit. The people who felt cheated prayed to Arikkadi Bhagavathi who appeared from a nearby pond in the form of a beautiful woman.

Attention of Ali, who was of lustful nature, fell on the woman and he tried to capture her. The woman hid herself in a grove. Ali kept searching for the beautiful woman. The woman then told Ali from hiding that she will appear before him if he was ready to remove the amulet from his waist.

Ali removed the amulet. The beautiful woman led Ali to the temple pond. When Ali entered the pond, Bhagavathi pushed him under the water and converted him into an evil bhootham. Later Bhagavathi himself allowed the bhootham of Ali to sit in a safe place in the temple.

Arikkadi Bhagavathi Temple Festival 

The annual festival in the temple is held from the 16th day of Meenam month. On the 20th day of Meenam month, Urus is performed for Ali in the temple. On the day, Muslims also offer prayers in the temple. From Meenam 21 for three days Kolam is dedicated to Ali. The Ali Chamundi Kaliyattam performed during the time narrates the story of Bhagavathi and sorcerer Ali.