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Lemon Lamp Rahu Kalam Procedure – Lemon Cut Time And What To Do With Juice

What is the right procedure for lighting a lemon lamp during Rahu Kalam? Should we cut the lemon only during Rahu Kalam or before? What is to be done with the lemon juice?

Lemon lamp is offered to overcome horoscope related problems, problems faced in house or shop, relationship issues and to overcome troubles during journey.

Dark color oil should be used to light the lamp. Each lamp should have one wick. Total seven or multiples of seven should be lit. The lamp should be lit in the north side.

The lemon should be cut during Rahu Kalam. The person cutting the lemon is to wear dark or dark blue color dress.

The juice should be collected and diluted with water and should be poured under a tree especially neem tree or in a pot having dark color flowers.

After the puja once the lamp has gone out. The lemon lamps should be disposed off in the north side. A small pit should be dug and lemon should be put inside it and covered with mud. A black granite stone should be placed on top of it.