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Panachikkadu Temple Facts – Famous Saraswathi Temple In Kerala

Panachikkadu Temple is the most famous temple dedicated to Goddess Saraswati in Kerala. Thousands children are start writing their first letters in the temple. Here is a look at some important facts about Panachikkadu Saraswathi Temple.

  • The main murti worshipped in Panachikkadu temple is Vishnu.
  • The shrine is today famous for Upa Devata Goddess Saraswati.
  • History states that Kizhupurathu family did not have any children for a long period. Kizhupurathu namboothiri performed bhajan in Mookambika to have children in the family. One day Goddess Mookambika appeared before him and advised him to go back to his home. She told him that a nampoothiri lady in his illam is pregnant. 
  • As directed by the Goddess the next day he worshipped the Goddess and returned to his house. Shakti of Goddess entered the palm leaf umbrella of the namboothiri and went with him, when he reached Panachikkad, the palm umbrella become stiff without any movement. 
  • Soon the power of Goddess Mookambika was realized. Pujas were performed and soon a murti of Goddess Saraswati was spotted near the Panachikkadu temple pond. The Shakti of the goddess was transformed into the murti.

  • As the Goddess Saraswati in the temple came from Mookambika, the shrine is also known as Dakshina Mookambika.
  • Goddess Saraswati is worshipped in the tirtha near the Vishnu temple. The pond never dries even during peak summer. The murti of Goddess Saraswati is always touched by the water in the pond. Water required for all pujas and rituals are collected from the pond.
  • The original murti of Goddess Saraswati is amidst creepers and climbers and therefore it is impossible to sight it. Another murti is consecrated for offering prayers.
  • The creepers that are found in the Saraswati temple are known as Saraswati Lata.
  • The murti of Goddess Saraswati is always exposed to elements of nature as there is no temple or sanctum sanctorum.
  • The original murti which is not visible faces east. The murti to which currently prayers are offered faces west.

Panachikkadu Temple Facts

  • Vishnu in the temple faces east. There are no festivals, flag hoisting or arattu for Vishnu in the temple. But everyone visiting the temple should first offer prayers to Bhagwan Vishnu.
  • The Upa Devatas worshipped in the temple are Shiva, Ganapathy, Sastha, Yakshi and Nagaraja.
  • The main festival observed in the temple is Navratri (September – October).
  • The Vijayadasami festival in the temple is very famous and thousands of children are initiated into the world of learning on the day.
  • Vidyarambham or children writing their first letters is performed on all days of the year except on Mahashtami and Mahanavami day during Navratri.
  • A ghee enriched with Saraswathi Mantra is distributed to devotees in the temple.
  • World famous writers, musicians and performers are devotees of the Goddess. They perform here during the Navratri festival.
  • It is believed that the famous writer A. R. Raja Raja Varma was dump during childhood and got cured after offering prayers in the temple.