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Mannil Thrikovu Temple – Tavanur Brahma Temple - Only Brahma Temple In Kerala

Mannil Thrikovu temple is located at Tavanur on Kuttipuram – Chamravattam road in Malappuram district, Kerala. The main deity worshipped in the temple is Brahma. It is believed that this is only Brahma temple in Kerala. The shrine is also known as Tavanur Brahma Temple and also as Tavanur Cheru Thirunavaya Brahma temple.

The temple is located on the northern bank of Bharathapuzha.

It is believed that Navagrahas, Pancha Bhootas and Nakshatras offer prayers to Brahma here.

Brahma, the creator as per Hindu Puranas, is not widely worshipped in temple due to a curse on Him by Shiva. The most popular Brahma temple is located at Pushkar in Rajasthan. 

The main deity Brahma worshipped in temple is depicted as sitting on a lotus appearing from navel of Vishnu. The four-faced Brahma faces east in a circular sanctum sanctorum – Vatta Sreekovil. The unique vigraha or bimbam has Shiva, Lakshmi, Parvati, Saraswati, Devas, Bhootas, Pancha Bhootas, Navagrahas, Nagas, Rashis, Saptamatrikas, Tithi, Ritus and Panchedriyas carved on the base.

It is believed that Chaitanyam of Brahma has been residing the shrine from the beginning of Satya Yuga just after Mahapralaya.