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Teachings Of Brahma Dev - Creator In Hinduism

Teachings Of Brahma Dev - Creator In Hinduism - is from the Srimad Bhagavad Purana.

The man who wants to conquer his indriyas should live the life of an ordinary man: marry, breed children: and, at the same time, try to conquer his arch enemies. Once he has subdued them the perfect man can walk fearlessly in the midst of men.

Think of the example of a besieged city. Enemies are attacking the city and the king defends it by taking refuge in a fort. The fort gives him succor. Even so, if a man takes refuge at the Feet of the Lord he can easily repel the six enemies and he can, at the same time, enjoy the things of the world which have been given to him by the Lord to be enjoyed. After his span of life is ended he becomes one with Him: the Jivatma and Paramatma become one.

A man who has conquered his senses and who has realized that he is none other than the Paramatman, is the best person to live in the world of men. Detached as he is, from the worldly objects he will be the ideal man to move among men who have so much to learn and this emancipated soul can help others who are sorely in need of help.