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Vasoorimala Goddess Worshipped In Kerala Temples – Story

Vasoorimala is a Goddess worshiped in many Kerala temples. She is an important Upa Devata or subsidiary deity in Goddess Bhagavathi or Shiva temples. She is more closely associated with Shakti and Shiva (Shaiva) worship.

As per some belief Vasoorimala is the wife of Demon Daruka who was annihilated by Goddess Bhadrakali. Majority of Bhagavathi temples in Kerala are based on the legend of Kali killing demon Daruka.

Vasoorimala Theyyam Performed In North Kerala

Manodari was the wife of Demon Daruka. After the death of her husband, she did penance and tapas and pleased Shiva. She demanded weapon to kill Goddess Kali who was responsible for the death of her husband. Shiva gave her his sweat. Manodari then threw the sweat of Shiva on Goddess Kali. Bhadrakali had pustules on her body. She had pox which resulted in her skin erupting. In anger Bhadrakali removed the eyes of Manodari and made her a servant of hers. From that day onwards Manodari came to be known as Vasoorimala. Thus she finds a place in many Kali temples.

Vasoorimala is also the personification of communicable diseases pox. To find cure to chicken pox and other similar diseases, black pepper is thrown in front of the murti. People get relief after offering such a form of worship.

Naivedyam or food offering is rarely performed. If there is a murti of Vasoorimala then it is bathed using turmeric powder in certain particular periods of the year. In some regions it is done during Vrischikam month.

Guruthi is an important ritual performed on a Friday.

Vasoorimala Theyyam is very famous in North Kerala.