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Sree Keezhara Koolom Bhagavathy Temple Theyyam Festival – Kannur Cherukunnu Keezhara Temple Kaliyattam Festival

Sree Keezhara Kulom Bhagavathy temple is located at Cherukunnu on Keecheri – Anchampeedika – Panthottam road on Kannur – Payyannur Road in Kannur district, Kerala. Sree Keezhara Koolom Bhagavathy Temple Theyyam festival 2024 date is February 15 to February 20. The annual Kaliyattam and Theyyam festival is held from Kumbham 2 to Kumbham 7.

During the six days of the festival 17 Theyyams are performed.

A unique ritual known as Dikhu Kalasham (Dikkalasham) is held before the festival. On Makaram 25, the rice without husk (nellu) need for Kalasam is measured on the day. The people who take kalasham begin their vratham from the day. On midnight on Kumbha 3 – 4, the kalasham is carried by four people who are accompanied by Chuttu Vettakaar (people holding fire lit coconut dried coconut leaves). At a particular point they disperse and ran in the four directions of Keezhara and place the kalashams.

The Thiya community takes kalasham during the kaliyattam.

Special rites like fish offering, Kalasam and rice sprinklings are also offered to the deity as part of the festival.

The theyyams performed here include Sankara Sree Manjali Malakkidaaran, Deivachekor, Puliyoor Kannan, Vettakkorumakan, Vettachekon, Thai Paradevatha, Maniyan, Illamkolam,, Kshethra Palakan and Vayanattu Kulavan.

The temple premises are enclosed by a thick grove of trees as is typical of Bhagavathy temples.

The main murti worshipped in the temple is Goddess Bhadrakali who is worshiped in Thayapara Devata Sankalpam. Goddess is known as Thirukkattu Bhagavathy, who is also known as Madayi Kavilamma. The sankalpam of kshetrapalan is that of Maniankshetrapalan. The prathishta is a shoolam (trident) on a wooden plank (palaka) atop a carved brick (Chenkal). The eastside door of the temple is never opened.

The temple belongs to Chirakkal Kovilakam.