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Sage Vidyaranya - How can Brahman be realized?

How can Brahman - God be realized? Hindu religion answers by Sage Vidyaranya an extract from the book titled - The Himalayan Masters – A Living Tradition.

The actual experience of pure Self comes from Self Revelation. The truth reveals itself to the knower, and when this happens the knower becomes a rishi (a seer). It is not that the Rishi sees the truth but that the truth shows itself to the Rishi, thus transforming the blessed aspirant into a “seer”. Rather than being illuminated by the mind or the intellect, truth dawns.

The study of scriptures helps sharpen the intellect and keeps us from becoming complacent about our present level of understanding. Logic and reasoning are a function of the intellect, which is a fine instrument for gaining secondhand knowledge. So you must train your intellect in order to read and understand the maps of spirituality that the sages have drawn, maps that are based on their direct experience.

These maps are called the scriptures, and by following them you can safely and confidently treat the path and one day reach the goal and see directly. This is called revelation.

Reasoning can overcome doubt, but if it is not guided properly it can create even more serious doubt and confusion. Therefore let your reasoning be attuned to the revealed scriptures, and whenever you notice a conflict between the two, rely on the scriptures. But even when you do this you need your intellect to penetrate this intent. In other words, the intellect is a find tool, but in needs to be used properly.