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Madan – God Worshipped In Kerala Temples

Madan (Maadan) is widely worshipped in temples in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The place where Madan in consecrated is known as Madan Kovil. Some people believe that Madan came from the Tamil name Madu (giri).

There is a belief that those people who meet with unnatural death turn into Madan. The atma of such souls become Madan. The worship is also associated with Shaivism. Shiva is associated with Bhutas and Pretas.

The various types of Madan worshipped in temples include Kalamadan, Chudala Madan, Nerippodumadan, Vannaramadan etc.

He is usually seen near cremation areas on abandoned sacred groves and on trees in lonely areas not frequented by people. 

He can take form of ferocious animals. He can appear and disappear at will. He roams at night in lonely areas looking for gullible people.

Some scholars are of the view that Shiva was worshipped as Mahanadan in ancient times and this form later came to be known as Madan.

Some devotees believe that Madan was in ancient times Shiva himself.