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On Healthy Relationships – Some Tips and Quips

A collection of tips and quotes on healthy relationships

Healthy relationships can do wonders for our life. It is a real source of positive energy.

A harmonious relationship provides comfort, love, confidence, courage, and respect. It results in spiritual and mental growth. There will be no stagnation.

When we are not in a healthy relationship, it can cause anger, conflict, pain, resentment, career issues, health issues and life-threatening problems.

Never get choked in a relationship.

There should be compatibility in a relationship. There should not be any kind of forcing and coercion. There should be some common ground to share likes, thoughts, and feelings.

Never be judgmental and critical in a relationship. There should be flexibility. There should be balance in a relationship.

Do not put a mask in a relationship. Do not say words of love and have thoughts of hatred and rejection. We may not be saying it loud but our actions and body language will convey the negativity.
 Your feelings are yours. Someone else is not responsible for it. Do not blame others for your mood swings and bad feelings. This will only spoil relationships. Another person can affect us only when we have expectations. Avoid expectations in a relationship. When there is no expectation, there is no ground for blame.

Accepting the other person for what he/she is a real relationship. Acceptance does not mean you suffer. It means you do not keep complaining in a relationship. You will give freedom to the other person.

There should not be negative silence in a relationship. Forced silence, in which the mind is hurt and hurling silent abuses, only deepen wounds. There should not be the long period of silence in relationships. Talk it out and letting go is necessary for a healthy relationship.

No one likes to keep a demanding relationship. This constant want of love, trust, happiness, things, and money will ruin relationships. Instead of demand, there should be giving and sharing. As you grow in a relationship this give and take should be replaced by sharing and caring.