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Morari Bapu Quotes And Teachings

A collection of quotes and teachings of Morari Bapu

Maha means one who destroys three kinds of M's: mada (ego), madan (desires), matsar (jealousy).

That which happened yesterday and what will happen tomorrow, both are attached to time, to death. Only the present moment, today, speaks of life.

Every day spend a few moments giving thought and time to God, to nature, your saint, your scripture, and finally your own self.

God is attained through devotion and through love.

Morari Bapu Quotes and Teachings

Dharma or religion which instills fear, that I do not consider that to be dharma; Religion is one which gives fearlessness.

There are some things that appear to be small. A Mantra, a Naam is so small and yet accomplishes such big things.

Rama naam frees us from fear, Ram naam frees us from disease, and lastly His name frees us from our flaws.

Love and Renunciation are the only two things that can fill the internal emptiness of man.

Whatever action is performed with compassion is truly karma; without compassion, it is all merely kriya.

The desire for the unattained and attachment with already attained possessions leads to bondage.

The amount of energy we utilise in looking after our physical body, the same amount is enough to realise God, no more.

Don't ever have expectations for happiness; if you receive it, then consider it as God's prasad, share it with others.

Living without expectation from anyone is punya (merit).

Living with devotion to and with thoughts of the scriptures and of God is punya.

Being happy and content is punya.

A flower blooms in quietude; man’s inner self also blossoms in solitude. Each one of us should find our own space and solitude.

Worship is not separate from life. Life itself is worship. In everything there is worship; in everything there is satsang, prayer.

It is very easy to run away from everything, yet difficult to wake up; don’t run from your life, from your duties, from those around you; awake to them!

Instead of resistance and confrontation, try to have an understanding with your heart/mind.

Don’t think about what you don’t have; leave what you may have in the future; just enjoy what you do have at this present moment.